Intro to 3D Modeling

Ready to move beyond finding models for 3D printing and start making them yourself? This class will introduce you to the basic concepts and tools for parametric 3D modeling with OnShape.

In this class, we'll guide you through turning 2D sketches into accurate 3D models. It's a powerful way to create accurate objects, perfect for making products, parts, tools, trinkets, and other objects with precise meassurements. And it's all using software that you can use for free!

Upon completion of this class, you'll

  • Understand the parametric design process
  • Be able to turn 2D sketches into 3D models with OnShape
  • Understand how 3D models can be used in 3D printing and CNC machining

Who it's for: Anyone aged 15+ (youth 15-17 must have a guardian co-sign the liability waiver). No prior experience is necessary. Some geometry knowledge will be very valuable (but we'll stick to the basics) .

What to bring: Bring a laptop, and signup for a free OnShape account prior to the class.