Shared Workshop in Renton

Woodshop, laser cutter, 3D printer, robotics, and more...

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Get hands-on training with the equipment so that you can operate it yourself. Or take a class where we guide you through making something that you get to take home and show off.

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Bring a group

Build something different alongside people you already know and love. We'll help you create an unforgettable team-building event.

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Become a member to use our makerspace and equipment to work on your own projects. You'll also get to work alongside other DIYers, inventors, dreamers, and doers full of intellectual curiosity.

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What's happening at Crea?

Renton Made projects sponsored by the Renton Municipal Arts Commission
Our Advent calendar features a maker challenge for every day of Advent leading up to Christmas.
Projects completed in September and October at Crea Makerspace!
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What is a makerspace?

A shared workshop for making, inventing, and repairing things.

Think of it as a gym, but instead of exercise and weight machines, we have equipment for making things.

Makerspaces vary significantly in the equipment available. Crea Makerspace has equipment for woodworking, CNC, laser cutting, 3D printing, t-shirt printing, robotics, and more. We aspire to evolve alongside the interests of our community here in Renton. Here are several photos from our makerspace:

If you already have projects in mind, get a membership, and use our equipment to finish your projects.

If you want a guided experience to discover what you're capable of making, take a class.

If you want to see the space and ask questions, take a free tour.