Renton Made Projects

January 17, 2024

We're ready to share the details on several completed projects from the Renton Made program. All of these projects were made possibly by an Arts & Culture grant from the Renton Municipal Arts Commission.

With no further ado, meet these local makers & artists:

Truc-Quan Nguyen


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I'm a mixed-media artist from California and currently residing in Renton. My artwork is inspired by the beautiful world around me and my personal experiences. I created this art piece called "My Life in the PNW" for the Renton Made program using materials I've learned to work with at Crea Makerspace and combining it with my artistic background. I used layers of wood and acrylic cut from the laser machine and in the foreground is me painting the beautiful landscape that is the place I call home for now. This is truly a mixed media project that I'm honored to create and I feel lucky to have the resources at Crea to help me execute my vision.

"My Life in the PNW" is currently on display at the makerspace. Truc-Quan also used her membership to make items to support her market events including this market sign and artwork stand.



I’m from Utah but I’ve lived basically in every corner of the states until settling here in Renton. I’ve been drawing my entire life and love to tell stories through the medium of comics.

The initial inspiration was to create a coat of arms (styled in line with my Scottish ancestry) featuring a dragon to symbolize the arts culture of Renton, and mining equipment to depict the industrial history of the city. The dragon depicted has traits of local wildlife such as stoats and elk, based on Chinese dragons to represent the large part Chinese immigrants played in American industrialization and mining. The salmon with Duwamish style markings sits below the dragon and industrial equipment to symbolize that we are on land that we stole from them, and that we should never forget that fact.

Kirby also makes lapel pins out of wood to sell at local events. She took advantage of our large laser cutter to make a TON of pins. Here are a few she made:

David Caverly

I have always found great satisfaction in the creative process. For many years, I worked in the culinary field - from restaurant cook to private chef - and during that time my job was my creative outlet. Now, as a stay-at-home dad, I'm constantly on the lookout for projects that will get my creative juices flowing. When I heard about the Renton Art's Commission's "Renton Made" program at Crea Makerspace, I immediately jumped on the opportunity to have access to a facility solely dedicated to creative endeavors. I have very much enjoyed my time at Crea, and feel very grateful for the opportunity to learn and create within their community.

My project is an interactive wooden diorama of Renton. I used a combination of traditional woodworking methods and laser cutting techniques to create a skyline inspired by the hills that surround Renton, the downtown businesses, and the people of Renton. In an effort to encourage others to engage in creative activities, the individual components of the diorama have laser cut stamps affixed to their bases. These can be used with ink pads to create art on paper, or with fabric paint for decorating textiles - such as shirts, reusable bags, etc. My hopes are that this piece can be made available for use by the public at some of the Renton community events I frequent with my wife and daughters.

David also used his membership to make this incredible Doc Ock costume!

Jake Heare

Art of Science Educator & Renton Resident for 7 years.

This project was deeply meaningful to me as I have spent the last several years cycling, walking my dogs, and spending time near the Cedar River. The lifecycle of the local salmon species has bewitched me as I watched the seasons change over the river. Every salmon run I take longer glances at the Cedar River running through my neighborhood, hoping to see a fish or 10 making their way back home to spawn. Renton has become my own home and these fishy neighbors remind me of the primordial drive for a place to be. It is now in these modern times with climate change making for an uncertain future for salmon that I especially appreciate the generations of the Salish peoples whose focus is on uplifting and protecting these wonderful animals and their homes. The carvings you see on the finished project represent

  1. The roe and fry as salmon are born in our Cedar River,
  2. The salmons traversal of the Cedar River both out to the Pacific Ocean and back, as well as the mating dance between specimens,
  3. The post mating death and remains of salmon in the Cedar River providing nutrients and materials for the ecology of the river.

These carvings remain forever tied together in a Western Red Cedar Live Edge slab, the tree which gives it's name to the river and whose growth is spurred by the nutrients from the salmon therein.

Currently this art is still at Crea Makerspace, but Jake is looking to find a longer term home in a publicly accessible building near the Cedar River.

Jake also used his membership for many projects including a significant number of signs.



I'm a local artist who grew up with part of my childhood spent in the Renton Highlands. I prefer drawing digitally but I also like trying out different mediums of art like painting and sculpting.

The wizard painting is a reference to Wizards of the Coast, with the Magic card poking out of his hat next to the feather. There's also a rubber ducky in reference to Renton River Days, and in the background of the mountains and woods you can see the outline of a railroad sign as a subtle hint at some of Rentons past history. My favorite part of this painting is that it glows under blacklight. The canvas and frame itself were both thrifted, the canvas originally being a mass produced print and the frame coming from a mirror.

Destanie is still considering a long-term location for the painting.


Etsy: Lovest

While not one of the selected recipients of membership (as co-founder of the makerspace), Jackie contributed an additional project to the program.

I’m a graphic designer, originally from Mexico, I moved to the Seattle area over a decade ago and instantly fell in love with the city.

I have always found a sense of accomplishment and achievement when exploring my creative side and after becoming a mom I knew that I wanted to share that feeling with the children in my community. My project is designed to be approachable for children. It consist of a kit of 3 wooden circles with designs that are reminiscent of Downtown Renton, and a set of acrylic paint that encourages experimentation with color. I designed, laser cut and prep 60 of these kits to be put up on an art library that sits outside my house.

These kits are being given away from the roadside art supply library on Renton Ave about 1 block north of Grocery Outlet. Feel free to swing by and grab one for yourself (while supplies last)!

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