Renton Maker Advent

Makerspace Closing
The last day of operations is June 2. See our Farewell post for details.

We're kicking off the holiday season with a Maker Advent Calendar in collaboration with Wyldwood Creative.

Each day leading up to Christmas, we'll be reavealing a maker challenge. Complete the challenge, and post a photo of your creation using #makeradvent and tagging @creamakerspace for a chance to win our maker gift basket raffle.

Follow us on Instagram or Facebook for the daily reveals.

Visit Crea Makerspace or Wyldwood Creative for a sneak peek of upcoming challenges from the Advent calendar hanging on the wall. :-)

The Raffle

Anybody can make, but to win the raffle:

  • Each completed challenge is 1 raffle entry.
  • Must post a photo of your completed challenge on Instagram or Facebook.
  • Must tag @creamakerspace and use #makeradvent
  • Must live or work in Renton or within 5 miles of Renton.
  • Must be something you made during December 2023 (honor system).
  • Must not use the same photo or project for multiple challenges.
  • Limit: 1 raffle entry per day per person.

The raffle will be held on December 26th.

Raffle winner will receive a 1 month of makerspace membership and a variety of materials and kits from Crea Makerspace and Wyldwood Creative to make even more amazing things.

Maker Advent Prize

Open Workshop

On Tuesdays at 6pm during Advent, Crea Makerspace will host an open workshop for you to work on your projects. During these workshops, we'll happpily assist with making and customizing for free, including custom laser engraving and helping make cuts for any wood projects. Please sign up here to help us plan.