About Crea

Makerspace Closing
The last day of operations is June 2. See our Farewell post for details.

cre·a [KRAY-uh]

  1. verb: create or make [Spanish, Italian, Catalan. Latin: creā]
  2. anagram for care
  3. Renton makerspace where you can make your ideas come to life.

Crea is a new makerspace in Renton launched in June 2023.

We are DIYers, inventors, dreamers, and doers full of intellectual curiosity across a range of topics such as electronics, programming, 3D printing, laser cutting, woodworking, arts, crafts, and more. We are still a small community in the early stages of growing, which makes now a great time to get involved and be among the earliest members and really shape our maker community.

We are located just a few minutes away from Home Depot, Ikea, and even RE·PC (for recycled electronics). So grab some materials, and start a new project in our space!

If you have any questions, send us an email: .