About Crea

cre·a [KRAY-uh]

  1. verb: create or make [Spanish, Italian, Catalan. Latin: creā]
  2. anagram for care
  3. Renton makerspace where you can make your ideas come to life.

Crea aspires to provide a world class space for collaborating and creating, for inspiring and incubating, for empowering and elevating. We believe that everybody in our neighborhood should have access to the knowledge, tools, and people required to literally make their dreams come true.

Crea will initially focus on woodworking and digital electronics/robotics. As we grow, we'll expand our focus and equipment based on community interest. Our initial equipment will include: 3D printer, laser cutter, CNC router, saws (table saw, band saw, etc.), a long list of power tools you would find in a woodshop, and various equipment you'd find in an electronics/robotics lab.

But we still have a little work ahead of us before Crea's launch. We're targeting launch in early 2023. If you want to connect or learn more before launch, send a message to .