Intro to 3D Printing

Immerse yourself in the world of 3D printing! We'll guide you through the 3D printing process from finding freely available 3D models, to understanding different kinds of filaments, and learning how to operate the 3D printer. We'll slice a few 3D models together and explore the most common 3D printing issues.

In this class, you will learn:

  • how our Prusa 3D Printer works
  • how to find free 3D models
  • how to take an existing 3D model and "slice" it for 3D printing including topics such as overhangs, bridges, and supports
  • how different filaments compare with each other
  • how to safely operate the 3D printer including changing filament and first-layer monitoring
  • common 3D printing issues and how to resolve them

Upon completion of this class, you'll:

  • be capable of printing thousands of freely available 3D models
  • be certified to independently use the 3D printer for your future projects


  • This class will NOT go into detail on designing your own models. There is a separate class for 3D model design.
  • 3D printing often takes hours. We will start a 3D print, but may not see it finish during the class.

Who it's for: Anyone aged 8+ (youth 8-14 must have a guardian present, youth 8-17 must have a guardian co-sign the liability waiver). No prior experience is necessary.

What to bring: Bring a laptop with PrusaSlicer installed: free download.