DreamSourceLab DSLogic Plus

Last updated: September 13, 2023


The DSLogic Plus is a compact and powerful logic analyzer used for capturing and analyzing digital signals. It offers up to 16 channels with a maximum sampling rate of 400MHz and supports various trigger modes.


  • Electrical Hazard: The logic analyzer operates on electricity. Keep the power cord and connections dry and avoid contact with water.
  • Handling Probes: Exercise caution when connecting and disconnecting probes to prevent potential damage to the analyzer or the circuit under test.
  • Overvoltage: Ensure that the voltage levels of the signals being probed do not exceed the maximum input voltage of the logic analyzer to prevent damage.
  • Proper Grounding: Use proper grounding techniques to prevent electrical shock and ensure accurate measurements.


  • Channel: A single input or output line on the logic analyzer used to monitor or generate digital signals. Logic analyzers typically have multiple channels to capture data from different points in a circuit.
  • Sample Rate: The number of samples taken per second by the logic analyzer.
  • Sample Depth: The number of samples that can be captured and stored in the memory of the logic analyzer during a single acquisition. It determines the duration of the waveform that can be analyzed.
  • Trigger: The event or condition that initiates the capture of data by the logic analyzer. It allows users to capture specific patterns or transitions in the digital signals for analysis.


Coming soon. We're happy to sit with you and learn the ropes in the meantime. And if you're already an expert of logic analyzers, maybe you want to help draft some procedures. :-)



100 MHz
Digital channels
Max sampling rate
400 MHz
Memory depth
14 Mpts