Frequently Asked Questions

Makerspace Closing
The last day of operations is June 2. See our Farewell post for details.

What days are you open?

We're open Tues-Fri 2pm-8pm, and weekends 12pm-8pm.

We're closed every Monday.

We will also be closed these days:

See also: the Event Calendar

What is "unlimited" machine time?

Unlimited machine time means there is no machine time cost.

Our unlimited machine time is subject to sharing and reasonable usage. Expect to take turns as necessary to ensure all members present have comparable levels of access to the equipment. Don't expect to have exclusive access to equipment for hours at a time (except for cases like 3D printing where a single print can take several hours).

If a piece of equipment is in high demand, we'll consider acquiring additional equipment to better handle the demand.

If you are looking for more substantial or exclusive access to equipment, contact us to discuss how we might accomodate your scenario.

What hand & power tools are available?

We are regularly evaluating what additional tools we should make available, so feedback on tools is always welcome.

Additionally, you are welcome to bring your own tools to use for your projects.

Can I reserve a piece of equipment?

No. We currently don't allow reserving equipment in advance.

For long-running CNC equipment, you can message us to see if it's actively available, and we can hold it as available for up to 15 minutes.

Can Crea design something for me?

Maybe. We do have an in-house professional graphic designer that may be able to accomodate some requests, or we may be able to refer you to someone who can. Contact us to discuss design consulting services.

Can Crea build something for me?

Maybe, though our focus is providing a space for you to build. You're welcome to ask, and we may even be able to refer you to a member who can, but we have very limited capacity for providing manufacturing services.

What materials are available at Crea?

We try to stock some of the most common materials and supplies for convenience. Most notably, we do sell project plywood (for laser cutting) and filament (for 3D Printing), but in general, we anticipate makers will usually bring their own materials and supplies.

Commonly stocked supplies include: wood glue, staples, nails, screws, tape, and circuit components (though exact selection and sizes vary). We don't charge for trivial quantities of supplies, but if your project uses a non-trivial amount, bring your own supplies, or plan to purchase some from us.

We also have a collection of "community scraps" left by other members that are available for any projects being made in the space.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel here: Customer Portal

You can also ask us to cancel in-person, or send an email to .

After cancellation, your membership still continues until the end of the current billing cycle.

Can I get a refund?

See our Refund Policy

Can I change my membership tier?

You can change it yourself from the Customer Portal or reach out to us to help you make the change.

Can I use the space without a membership?

We allow usage of the space for a fixed rate of $20 for the day. Non-members may not operate CNC equipment on their own (CNC router, laser cutter, and 3D printer). Additionally, some equipment still requires completion of a training class (notably the major saws in the woodshop). Non-members can pay for guided usage of select equipment (as staff availability allows):

EquipmentSelf UsageGuided Usage (staff time)
Laser CutterMembers-only$25 per 15 min
3D PrinterMembers-only$20 setup plus $5 per hour of print time
CNC RouterMembers-only$50 per 30 min
Other EquipmentIncluded$25 per 15 min

Our priority is building an active community of makers, and we believe membership is the best experience for that. Our current promotional pricing for the first month of membership is a significantly better value than the day pass in most scenarios.

Do I need to take the certification class if I have significant experience?

Stop by and tell us about your experience. Where experience is significant (e.g. professional cabinet maker), we may be able to do a more minimal verification of your skills, safety knowledge, and cover some makerspace-specific expectations to satisfy our certification.

Occasional, hobby-level experience will not considered sufficient to shortcut our certification classes. Our insurance requires us to keep the bar high.

Can youth be in the makerspace?

Yes (with some limitations). We've even structured our memberships with a 40% discount for family members to encourage parents making alongside their children.

However, given that the makerspace has a variety of unique hazards, our insurance only allows youth under the following restrictions:

Woodshop (table & power tools, CNC router)15+ with guardian supervision
Rest of Workshop (hand tools, laser cutter, robotics, 3D printing, sublimation, vinyl)15+ with staff OR guardian supervision
8+ with guardian supervision

In all cases, guardians must co-sign the liability waiver and rules (in-person). Youth may operate equipment requiring training (e.g. laser, CNC, saws), but only if both they and their supervising adult are both trained.

Can I volunteer in the makerspace?

Our goal is to build a sustainable organization that doesn't require burning out volunteers to survive, and as we grow, we intend to hire staff to target specific gaps.

That said, we still welcome and appreciate volunteer efforts from our members, whether it's re-calibrating the laser, double-checking the spacing of the SawStop brake cartridge, or adding art within the space. But please know that we are not currently able to compensate volunteer work (both for our own financial limiations and to remain compliant with L&I law regarding volunteers)

Can I teach a class?

As a collaborative community, we welcome and encourage ad-hoc, informal teaching and collaboration arrangements between members and their guests (within the limits of their membership plans).

We are also starting a program for individuals to teach formal classes and even get paid for it. As a small business, at this time, we can only offer this to individuals who can teach as Indepenent Contractors in compliance with policies from Washington State's Department of Labor & Industry (e.g. registered with Dept of Revenue). Ask us for the application form for more details.

Is Crea a non-profit?

No. Crea is a small business owned by a local member of the community.

As such, we are working to both build a sustainable small business and benefit the local community.

Can I give equipment or materials to Crea?