Launch Website

October 1, 2022 by Tony Nowell

Crea's website has been live since late January, but it was only a placeholder to reference in conversations. Now that we've had months of planning, we're starting to update content on the website to reflect that progress. It's not finished, but here's a sneak peak of what's coming.

The website now has a clear focus on 3 areas:

  • Take a Class - We will emphasize classes both to empower people and to reach new people. We'll launch with a small handful of classes (mostly equipment training), but we have lots of ideas for adding new class content after launch. We also plan to evolve our class offerrings based on community interest.
  • Bring a Group - My first makerspace experience was a group event. Crea might not exist if it weren't for that experience, so Crea will emphasize group events. We'll have a pretty limited offerring (and limited capacity) for groups initially, but we expect that to evolve.
  • Join our Community - Whether you are a seasoned maker or just an occasional tinkerer, we want to make it possible to be a part of the Crea's maker community. We're just trying to finalize some details with insurance before we publish our plans for open house nights, membership plans, and guest access.

And of course, equipment details are coming. We're still finalizing our initial equipment list, but we have already ordered a Prusa 3D printer. We'll also be publishing all our Standard Operating Procedures for the equipment before launch.

We still have a lot of drafted content that we'll be rolling out of the next month or two. But if you want to hear about some of those details earlier, send a message to .

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