Renton Made

September 2, 2023

Applications Closed
Applications for this program are closed. Final projects are documented here.

Funded by the Renton Municipal Arts Commission, Crea Makerspace will provide membership, trainings, and materials to 10 applicants for FREE.

Each selected applicant will receive:

  • 3 months of Maker Membership at Crea Makerspace including unlimitted access to our woodshop, CNC router, laser cutter, 3D printer, t-shirt making equipment, electronics lab, and more.
  • $150 budget for project materials to promote Renton and/or Renton Arts.
  • Woodshop training to be able to safely and effectively operate most of the woodshop equipment.
  • One additional free class of their choosing to best utilize the equipment in the makerspace.

Recipients are to use makerspace and budget to complete at least 1 project that promotes Renton and/or Renton Arts. Applicants are encouraged (but not required) to tour the makerspace prior to applying to better understand the equipment and tools available in the makerspace.

Applications are due by SEPTEMBER 30, 2023.

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Program Details

Membership: Each recipient will "Maker" membership for 3 months including all the benefits described on the Membership page. Recipients may use this membership for projects associated with the Renton Made program as well as for personal projects. Membership is still subject to the makerspace liability waiver and rules as required by our insurance.

Trainings: Some equipment requires training to use. To ensure that recipients can safely and effectively operate the equipment needed for their projects, recipients will receive a free training to use the woodshop, and will receive a pass to book one additional class of their choosing for free.

Materials: The makerspace keeps some of the most common materials in stock available for purchase, but we generally recommend members bring their own materials for their projects. The $150 material budget can be used either for purchasing materials at the makerspace, or for reimbursing materials as long as those materials are used for promoting Renton in association with this program. Recipients are welcome to work on projects unrelated to this program, but material costs relating to those projects are not paid for by this program.

Project Requirements: Each recipient is to use the material budget to complete at least 1 project by Dec 15, 2023, that promotes Renton and/or Renton Arts. Projects can be as simple as making "I ❤️ Renton" or as elaborate as creativity allows. Recipients of the award retain ownership of their projects, but are strongly encouraged to display their creations in a permitted public access space of their choosing or within the makerspace itself to inspire others. Crea Makerspace and the City of Renton receive the right to use photographs and recordings of your project (e.g. for promotional materials).

Applicant Requirements: Applicants must be at least 18 years old, or at least 15 years old with guardian approval. Applicants should be able to commit a reasonable amount of time during their 3 month membership to work on and complete their project in the makerspace. Otherwise, anybody may apply regardless of background, experience, or skill level.

Application: To submit an application, simply complete our Google form. All applications received by by application deadline will be considered. You can make changes to your application up until the close date. Recipients will be selected and notified within 2 weeks of the application deadline.

Selection Criteria: Candidates will be selected based project proposal and individual need. Half of the recipients will be selected primarily based on use case, and the other half will be selected primarily based on need to ensure benefit to under-served populations.

For any questions or clarifications about the program, contact Tony at .

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