Crea Blog

Sponsored by the Renton Municipal Arts Commission, we're giving away membership, trainings, and materials.
Take a peek at some of the first projects made at Crea Makerspace!
We've launched several classes ranging from 3D printing to laser cutting to woodworking.

Our Grand Opening finally has a date: Saturday, June 3 at 2pm.

We've been busy getting the space ready to open, and even hit a few challenges along the way...

Pew pew pew... Oh, right... not that kind of laser. We now have a laser cutter/engraver!

Exciting update: Crea officially has a location in Renton!

Why buy swag, when you can make it?

One year ago, I had no thoughts of starting a makerspace. But now I've quit my job as an engineering manager to make it happen.

Crea has a new website to prepare for launch. It's not finished, but here's a sneak peak of what's coming.