Crea Classes

Makerspace Closing
The last day of operations is June 2. See our Farewell post for details.

Classes at Crea

These are just some of the classes we have had the privilege of teaching:

A light-hearted, artistic introduction to robots, circuits, and code suitable for ages 8 to 108. You'll design a simple craft robot, and we'll walk through the process of incorporating a micro:bit to bring it to life.

Illuminate your creativity in our class on laser engraving for edge-lit acrylic signs! We'll guide you through creating a design for your edge-lit sign, and teach you how to safely operate the laser for cutting and engraving.

Unleash your creativity and learn the art of sign making! This workshop will provide a comprehensive introduction to the Shapeoko 5 CNC router. We'll guide you through the end-to-end process of designing a custom sign and teach you how to safely operate the CNC router!

This class will provide you with an introduction to many of the bench tools in the woodshop. We'll compare and contrast the various saws in the shop, and we'll discuss sanding, routing, and planing. And of course, we'll do this all hands-on in the shop.

Immerse yourself in the world of 3D printing! We'll guide you through the 3D printing process from finding freely available 3D models, to understanding different kinds of filaments, and learning how to operate the 3D printer. We'll slice a few 3D models together and explore the most common 3D printing issues.

Ready to move beyond finding models for 3D printing and start making them yourself? This class will introduce you to the basic concepts and tools for parametric 3D modeling with OnShape.

Make your own custom t-shirt! Let us guide you through designing, sublimation printing, and heat transfer to create your own custom t-shirt to wear proudly!